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Jun. 23rd, 2016 12:44 pm
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Hajime Ichinose
1. Close friend
2. Important
3. Do anything for her

Utsutsu Miya
1. Good friend
2. Important
3. Properly updated

Berg Katze
1. Vile alien
2. Stay away
3. Needs updating

Karamatsu Matsuno
1. Strange man
2. Entertaining
3. High potential for update

Shinji Ikari
1. Self-conscious individual
2. Sweet
3. High potential for update


Feb. 7th, 2016 11:09 pm
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Rui Ninomiya
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: I would certainly hope so!
Characters in Forest Covered: Chiyo Sakura, Asuka Langley Soryu


Name/Work Name: Rui Ninomiya (LOAD)
Canon: Gatchaman Crowds
Canon Point: After the end of Insight, just after the world has decided to keep Gelsadra on the planet, so while Hajime is still in a coma.
Age: 19
History: BAM!
Personality: The most prominent part of Rui's personality is the simple fact that he wants to update the world. Let me take a minute to explain what this means: Rui believes that all humans have the capability to become heroes in one way or another and that their potential is squashed by the leaders of the world and their reliance on the 'real heroes' that exist. His biggest goal in life is to be able to update the world to the point where every human will be able to see their own self-worth and use it to their advantage to help others. It was to help that wish become a reality that he first programmed X, started running GALAX, and began to use the CROWDS, the last of which was something he was mortified to use at all.

The reason that Rui is able to do all of this is because he is a hyper intelligent individual. He is smart beyond reason, and yet still an idealist when it comes right down to it. He believes in the good in every human being and that all humans deserve a chance to prove themselves a decent person. He uses his smarts to create and execute plans that will save the most lives and put the most people to use. It is his goal to make every human being feel like they are a worthwhile part of this world.

That being said, Rui has some self esteem issues himself, marked by the fact that he hid who he was for so long while running GALAX and by the way that he was so easily manipulated into 'becoming one' with everyone while the Kuu-sama's were running around Japan. He doesn't think he's worth the time of day that he thinks every other human being is worth. To himself, he is just a nothing, or perhaps just a vessel to bring about the change that the world so desperately needs. He is also horrible at taking care of himself, rarely eating properly and often snacking on candies, and his computer often has to remind him to eat and sleep at the right times.

Rui is a very driven person, though, despite what he might think of himself. If he has a goal in mind, you better bet that he is going to do absolutely everything in his power to make it a reality. He will even pull in the powers of other people to make sure that his dreams come true, because he KNOWS that the plans he comes up with are in the best interest of the entire world. With this in mind, he is actually a very good leader figure, which is part of why he is so great at maintaining GALAX, however he does better as a leader-behind-the-scenes than someone in the spotlight, though he can take that spotlight in a very commanding way when it is required of him.

One last thing to note about Rui is the fact that he is an avid crossdresser. He wears cute dresses, long wigs, and makeup on a regular basis. Of course, he doesn't go that far when he's just lounging around his apartment, just wearing something comfortable, but anytime he goes out, he makes sure that he looks good. He doesn't wear feminine clothing because he wants to be perceived as a girl or even entirely because he wants to disguise himself - an excuse he finds easy to use - but mostly because he likes the way that he looks in dresses and skirts and the like. Because of the way he dresses, Rui is regularly mistaken for female, and he typically doesn't mind the mistake. However, whenever someone does recognize him as a boy and does not act disgusted by the way he dresses, he tends to get mildly excited and open up to them a lot more readily.
Debt: Rui's greatest wish is to "update" the world. That's what his debt will be for. He's willing to do absolutely ANYTHING to make sure the world can "update" properly!

Inventory: Everything you see here. Essentially: dress, wig, arm warmers, socks, shoes, Microsoft Surface Pro. The usual stuff. Also, his NOTE, which is literally his soul and allows him to unlock a lot of his powers!

Abilities: Firstly, as a normal human Rui has a high level of intelligence and the ability to run an entire online system that goes out of its way to help people in need. He even programmed the computer that handles all the grunt work well enough that it develops a solid personality of its own! As for the abilities he has as a Gatchman, let's check out the Wiki for the best descriptions:

Transport: Rui's Gatchaman form can teleport through electronic devices to any location he wishes to be and the "X" wheel on his back can act as a portal to transport his Gatchaman teammates to his location. He can also use the portal to quickly get to another location for shorter distances, as his electronic transport takes time and concentration to reconstitute himself.
X Saucer: Rui uses a circular disc attached to his hip and attaches it to one of his arms, the disc then spins rapidly and fires discharges of electricity at the target.
Digitize: Rui releases a burst of electricity that reverts rouge CROWDS into stasis cube form. he then uses the ability to transport the soul the avatar consists of back to its body.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
-Literally his soul is outside his body and damageable
-Too stubborn


Characterization Sample: Meme thread!


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Rui Ninomiya

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